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Receipt Hog app (now available for Android & iPhone) July 15, 2013

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receipt hog


Receipt Hog app is finally available for Android users (it has been available for iPhone for awhile now). I have been using a beta version for the past few weeks and have been impressed with how easy it is to use.


1. Save any grocery receipts. It is not store specific. So far, I’ve used my local grocery store, Big Lots, Rite Aid, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Dollar Tree, Dollar General with no problems whatsoever.

2. Open the app and take a picture of your receipt.

3. You will earn coins based on how much you spent on that purchase.

4. You can earn additional coins by answering brief survey questions about your purchase. These are optional.

5. Redeem your coins for cash or gift cards.


Go HERE to download for Android or iPhone. Go HERE for FAQ.


Description from the Receipt Hog page:

By joining this exclusive panel, your receipt data and any answers to survey questions will be made anonymous and summarized in market research reports for brands. As a result, you’ll not only get paid for using Receipt Hog, but you’ll also be part of a small group that influences the products and promotions offered at your local stores.


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